Minimum 14 years old.
Minimum group size: 8 participants.
Prior reservation.

Leisure activities for adults in Madrid

If you are thinking of a celebration with your friends, family or colleagues, Ocius Park puts at your disposal a large selection of outdoor activities perfect for organizing original birthdays, meetings with friends, family or peer gatherings and joint farewells. Any reason is good to enjoy a fantastic day at Ocius Park, a victory of our football team, an outing with the dance group or our motorcycle club, events of youth associations, religious, or just because... enjoy adventure activities in the middle of nature in Madrid.


What do our outdoor activities consist of?

We have a wide variety of outdoor activities for adults that take place on our farm of 450,000m2. We are specialists in activities for groups of adults, therefore, we have different environments so you can enjoy your favorite activity, themed scenarios, natural forest, dome, gymkhana area and restoration. Come and enjoy the best outdoor activities in Madrid.

What activities can be done outdoors with us?

We are a team of consultants, trainers and specialists in outdoor activities who work with all the enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the world to design and produce original, fun and useful programs for our customers, that is why in Ocius Park you will find all kinds of outdoor activities for adults very fun.You can practice adult paintball or laser combat in our themed scenarios, try the military strategy game par excellence, Airsoft, recreate medieval duels or live a live role-playing adventure based on the novel The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones, in our more than 30 hectares of natural forest. If you are one of those who prefer to raffle all kinds of tests with your group of friends, we have original and very fun gymkanas such as Humor Amarillo or Cavernarium in which you must perform all kinds of thematic games in our troglodyte village. But if you prefer a birthday or an adventure celebration, you have to try our survival games.

Discover our leisure activities for adults

On our website you will discover everything we can offer you in activities for adults in Madrid with detailed information. Choose the one you like the most or you can also combine them with others as well as with our menus to create a perfect tailor-made plan for you. If you prefer, you can call us or send us an e-mail through the contact form and we will send you all the information you need.

Best Outdoor Adult Arcade Games

Our offer is very wide to cover all tastes. If you are interested in strategy activities we suggest you enjoy our soft paintball, airsoft or laser combat. We have fully themed scenarios and forest areas. You will have to achieve the missions that we put you, recreate battles or simulate military training.

If what you like are role-playing games and the medieval world, we have two recreational activities for adults that will leave you speechless, The Hunger Games and Excalibur Adventure, you will use short swords, mandobles, double-pointed spears, bows, long and short axes, maces, potions, daggers and shields of an impressive aesthetic and realism. We also have an axe shooting gallery for you to try this exciting sport.

The star of our Role Playing Games is: GAME OF THRONES. This impressive TV series has all the ingredients to perform a unique activity and get an immersion in its fantastic world. The activity could be developed from a minimum of 40 participants, ideally from 100 participants to be able to divide the teams for each of the houses, Stark, Baratheon, Lannister ...

Within the activity is the king of the Night and the army of white walkers, we have the sword Claw of John Snow, valíria swords, valírio fire, shields, helmets, etc.

But if what you are thinking about is a super fun crazy gymkhana we present Cavernarium, Yellow Humor and Bubble Football. In the first you will travel back in time to prehistory and compete tribe by tribe in our troglodyte village where you will have to overcome all kinds of tests you have never seen, a bowling alley with giant bowling alleys and you will knock them down by throwing a ball shaped like a peanut giante, the human rockscraper, spear hunting, the Flintstones cars and much more.If you want to overcome a circuit of inflatables and giant constructions, try our Yellow Humor, you will test your skill, agility and courage with all the obstacles you must overcome. And if you are one of those who love football, we present the gymkhana of Bubble Football or also known as Bubble Soccer, it is not only a matter of scoring goals but of performing all the tests that we propose covered by an air bubble. In addition, for the hot months, Cavernairum and Humor Amarillo include refreshing water tests, perfect for summer!

If you are one of those who like adventure, the outdoors, overcoming limits and leaving your comfort zone you can not stay without trying our Animal Race, an obstacle course inspired by nature and its inhabitants, 5 or 10 km depending on your capacity, with more than 20 original tests. We also have adventure raids in the forest or survival games that we have prepared for you.

Have fun with your friends with our activities for groups of adults, you can combine them as you want or see our packs or combos made by professionals to guarantee an unforgettable event. And if you are looking for a round plan, stay for lunch or dinner. We put at your disposal different menus that you can savor in the interior lounge or terraces, surrounded by nature in the Sierra de Madrid.

What fun activities for adults can we offer you?

Below you can see all the outdoor recreational activities that we offer as well as the centers where you can do them. Come and have fun with your friends with our activities for groups, celebrate your birthday, the bachelor party of your friend or a meeting with your group of friends or family in a fun, original and outdoor way in the mountains of Madrid.


ActivityTimeColmenar ViejoTres CantosCircuito Jarama
Humor Amarillo2h** 
Láser Combat1h ó 2h** 
Fútbol Burbuja1:30h * 
Aventura Excálibur2h*  
Los Juegos del Hambre2h*  
Supervivencia4h, 8h ó 48h*  
Escape Narcos2:00h** 
Gymkana GPS1:30h*  
Karting10/20/30 min.  *
Royal Experience40 ó 55  min.  *



If you bring the completed responsibility sheet, you will avoid waiting at the reception of our leisure center and get straight to the fun.



Un monitor profesional estará siempre con vosotros.


Nos tomamos la seguridad muy en serio en todas las actividades.


+450.000 m2 en los que disfrutar de tu actividad favorita.


Actividades diseñadas para vivir una aventura inolvidable.

Restauración disponible solo sábados y domingos: Disponemos de un servicio externo de foodtruck donde podréis disfrutar de varios menús en un entorno totalmente natural a tan solo 30 minutos de Madrid. Contamos con zonas de terraza y salón comedor cerrado con chimenea y estufas de pellet. En invierno, o días que la climatología lo requiera, los menús se servirán en el salón interior y en primavera y verano, el menú se servirá en la zona de terraza cubierta, para que podáis disfrutar de la sierra de Madrid.

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Ocius Park es un parque multiaventura donde encontrarás las mejores actividades de ocio al aire libre en plena naturaleza para tu familia, amigos o compañeros de trabajo dentro de la Comunidad de Madrid. Nuestro equipo de consultores, formadores, monitores y especialistas trabaja con toda la ilusión y entusiasmo del mundo para diseñar y producir programas originales y muy divertidos.

Nacimos en el 2006 y desde entonces no hemos parado de crecer y ofrecer nuevas experiencias a nuestros usuarios. Somos uno de los mejores centros de ocio de Madrid y hemos adaptado nuestra cartera de actividades a todos los públicos.


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