• Minimum 5 years. From 14 is considered adult.
  • Minimum group 8 participants.
  • Prior reservation.


Being in a natural environment, there is a risk that children may suffer an insect bite. If a child is allergic to this type of bite, it is very important to notify the organization of this allergy in advance and warn us of the action protocol prescribed by their doctors in each case.


From Monday to Sunday only activity:
Briefing 30 min + Dr Livingstone Adventure Game and workshop 1,3h. Total 2h: 15€/child.


Add the kid's menú for only 7,5€/menu.

From Monday to Friday there is no restaurant service except Fridays from April to September both months included.
You can bring your picnic and have 45 minutes from the end of the activity to consume it. You need to book a table for 25€ (10 people maximum per table). At the end everything must be collected and leave the facilities. Thank you!


This gymkhana for children in nature is a thrilling adventure through our forest of oaks and junipers of the Sierra de Madrid where children will become authentic explorers.
They will discover the environment where they are encouraging team play and overcoming tests that will teach them to use the resources of scientists. Finally, in our dome-workshop they will make a souvenir with their own hands that can be taken home.

This adventure circuit is ideal for the little ones to come into contact with nature and have a great time outdoors. This children's activity has a series of gymkhana tests so that they learn to explore nature, environmental games where they will use binoculars, magnifying glasses and field guides and a craft that they will do with their own hands, also of natural theme.

Whether you are looking for a birthday party, a communion activity or other celebration, a different day at summer camp or an educational and fun school field trip, this route combines games, adventures and crafts that feed their curiosity about the world around them, connects them with other classmates and encourages their creativity.


It is increasingly difficult for people to be in contact with nature and the benefits it brings us. For many Madrileños, the Sierra de Madrid is a great unknown, they have not seen the landscapes, rivers and impressive flora and fauna it houses. It is for this reason that we wanted to take advantage of the privileged enclave we have in Ocius Park to develop a gymkhana with adventure games in nature for children. It is a perfect activity to celebrate the birthday of the smallest of the house, spend a day in the field, include it among the activities of the summer camp or as a school trip.

The contact with nature allows the child to know better the environment that surrounds him as well as the animals and plants that inhabit it. Natural spaces foster their curiosity, creativity, self-esteem, companionship and respect for the environment and others. It allows them to enjoy the fresh air and silence away from the hustle and bustle of cities while playing games and exercising.
The search for natural treasures in the forest develops children's ability to explore, helps them to concentrate and relax while discovering that they are able to do many things for themselves and help their peers.

Try our adventure circuit for children in nature. The children's gymkhana is a hiking route for children that includes explorer games, outdoor exercise, crafts, environmental education games and lots of fun in a beautiful enclave with spectacular flora and fauna, centuries-old walls, an old shepherd's house and a wooden dome.


If it is a large group, it will be divided into two or more computers and the necessary monitors will be assigned.
At the reception, the monitors will take note of the menu (in case you are hired) and guide you throughout the route through our preserved forest of the Sierra de Madrid.


Depending on the time of year it is:
Winter: Comfortable clothes, footwear suitable for field, warm clothes with hood or hat and raincoat in case of rain.
Summer: Comfortable clothes, always long pants even if it is summer, this will avoid small chafing on the legs with vegetation, cap, canteen and sunscreen.


The duration is 1.3 - 2 hours of activity depending on the group.
Keep in mind that the group must arrive 30 minutes before the start time contracted for the briefing.


To perform the children's gymkhana Adventure of Dr. Livingstone we need to have natural light during all the contracted time of play. For the menu it is not necessary since we have a fully equipped restaurant area.
During the winter there are fewer times available in the afternoon for the activity, than in spring and summer:
Morning shifts (winter/summer): 11:00, 13:00.
Afternoon shifts (spring/summer): 17:00, 19:00.
Afternoon shifts (winter): 16:00.


You can combine Dr. Livingstone's Adventure children's gymkhana with other activities and our menus:

  • Paintball
  • Cavernarium
  • Laser Combat
  • Bubble Football
  • Survival
  • Yellow Humor

In our bar with cafeteria you can have a drink and enjoy the totally natural environment of the Sierra de Madrid sitting in our terrace areas or in the heated interior lounge. In winter or days that the weather requires, the menus will be served in the interior lounge where we have a fireplace and pellet stoves. In spring and summer the menu will be served in the covered terrace area.
Note: It is very important that you inform us if any of the diners have any food allergies.


We will spend an unforgettable day in the forest with this explorer gymkhana for children full of environmental and adventure games.

We will start the adventure circuit from a large centenary tree that hides a treasure, but that explorers will not be able to see until they have passed all the tests of our gymkhana.

Following the evidence of nature they will complete the route for children... They will be in the trees, on the ground and even inside it! Luckily they are accompanied by experts who will help them see them... Anthills, nests (not only birds!), hutches, wild boar brands and many more will discover a route full of environmental games for children. Some of the gymkhana tests will make them get into the skin of the animals that live here by testing their senses and skills in nature.

Camouflages: A series of hidden objects await them, playing with the colors, shapes, sizes and textures of the environment ... will they be able to find the mimicked beings (or not!) in this natural gallery?

The food chain: In the forest there are many places to hide... An explorer will be the predator and the others the prey that must find shelter. If they are caught, they will become predators and search together... It will be increasingly difficult to protect oneself because the trophic chain does not stop ascending. From the age of 8 this game represents a more elaborate trophic chain ... Who will win the battle?

Explorers on trial: Explorers will advance along a path in which new plant formations appear but what is that smell?! The aromatic ones grow among the trees and animal traces appear ... it is time to take out the naturalist guides! They will get down to work to find in the guide the traces they are observing... They will be rabbit, goat, wild boar or even fox?!

And not only that, we will have to identify insects, amphibians, mammals, plants, birds and mushrooms!! To help them they will also have binoculars, magnifying glasses and rulers.

From the age of 8 we will incorporate a sampling method used in ecology: transects. The explorers analyze the place by gangs of explorers Will there be differences between the transects?

Cat and mouse: Explorers will discover the importance of sounds in the forest when night comes. They will get into the role of mice waiting crouched on the ground blindfolded... The cats will approach stealthily to touch them but be careful, you can not make noise! The mouse will be attentive to the sounds of the ground... a branch, dry leaves... They must find out where cats are approaching from.

Evolution: Explorers will start out as a primitive animal and imitate it. They will challenge their teammates to a harmless duel. The one who wins the challenge will evolve into another living being and must look for another evolved partner to continue advancing. We will use mimicry to find it. The one who loses, must challenge himself with another partner of the same category and so on until all the explorers have evolved.

Who has taken my acorn?: Blindfolded and with the help of their friends, the squirrels must follow the smell of the aromatics until they reach the food... They will try to mislead them with other smells but if they use their nose well they will find that acorn that they had hidden and do not remember where ... do you know that this is how many trees grow?

The shepherd's house: From the age of 8 they will be able to reach the old shepherd's house, now abandoned, which also had a large patio to house their animals and place the collected firewood. This is an ideal observatory for large birds so we will use the guides and binoculars to see them like never before!

Workshop: A spectacular wooden dome built between the trees and with a camouflage fabric is where a mysterious box awaits you ... What is inside?, the time has come to create your own memory. With recycled materials they will make a toy in the shape of an animal or a souvenir with the natural elements. With this game for children's gymkanas they will discover a new challenge ... how difficult it is for animals to get food in nature! But to know more you will have to come and create it.


In this forest not only adventure games await you, but also endless curiosities, legends and stories of this enclave that had human settlements, you will cross walls with more than 500 years of history, you will see remains of traditional uses and wonderful animals and rare in other places, such as hoopoes and their crests, starlings, griffon and black vultures, robins, toads, damselflies and dragonflies, etc.


All our gymkhana is outdoors to enjoy a totally natural environment.
If the forecasts indicate rain, you can request to modify the date of the Yellow Humor activity by notifying at least 48 hours in advance. It is the client who would choose the day according to their needs and always subject to availability. You have a period of 90 days for the change of date. If you need to change the date again, the 90-day period will always count from the date of the first reservation.

HOW TO BOOK Dr. Livingstone's Adventure?

Paintball Infantil


Aventura del Dr. Livingstone



Un monitor profesional estará siempre con vosotros.


Nos tomamos la seguridad muy en serio en todas las actividades.


+450.000 m2 en los que disfrutar de tu actividad favorita.


Actividades diseñadas para vivir una aventura inolvidable.

Disponemos de un servicio externo de foodtruck donde podréis disfrutar de varios menús en un entorno totalmente natural a tan solo 30 minutos de Madrid. Contamos con zonas de terraza y salón comedor cerrado con chimenea y estufas de pellet. En invierno, o días que la climatología lo requiera, los menús se servirán en el salón interior y en primavera y verano, el menú se servirá en la zona de terraza cubierta, para que podáis disfrutar de la sierra de Madrid.

El menú lo elegirán los participantes el mismo día de la actividad en el tiempo de briefing inicial y se lo preguntarán los monitores. Pueden elegir entre:

Menú de Viernes a Domingo:
  • Hamburguesa grande de 100gr 100% ternera con o sin queso.
  • Hamburguesa vegetariana con o sin queso.
  • Nuggets de pollo.
  • Porción de pizza margarita.
  • Patatas fritas + 1 bebida (pepsicola sin cafeína, kas limón, kas naranja o agua).
  • Ketchup incluido.

Tartas Artesanales por encargo en el campo de Colmenar Viejo. NO incluidas en el menú.
    • Tarta de Selva Negra (chocolate), 24 raciones, 31€ .
    • Tarta artesanal de la abuela (de galleta y caramelo o de galleta y chocolate), 14 raciones, 24€.
    • Tarta artesanal Muerte por Chocolate (5 chocolates diferentes), 14 raciones, 25€.
    • Tarta artesanal de zanahoria salpicada de nuez molida con frosting de crema de queso suave, 14 raciones, 26€.

Si quieren traer su propio postre no hay inconveniente pero solo les pedimos que por favor traigan lo necesario para servirlo.

Consultar qué tartas tenemos en el campo de Tres Cantos.

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