Paintball games for adults in Madrid

Paintball prices in Madrid - PAINTBALL offers

From Monday to Sunday:
Full kit + 100 balls: 22€/person.
Full kit + 200 balls: 26€/person.
Full kit + 300 balls: 30€/person.
Full kit + 400 balls: 36€/person.

Price of paintball refills:

Extra recharges:
100 balls: 7€.
Sales 300 balls (Only if the whole group takes it) 15€.
500 balls: 25€.
1.000 Balls: 45€.
2.000 balls: 100€.
4.000 balls: 190€.
6.000 balls: 270€.

Paintball with barbecue in Madrid

Prices of Paintball Packs with food in Madrid (catering available only Saturdays and Sundays):

Paintball complete equipment + 100 balls + BBQ or Super Paella *: 40€/person.
Paintball full kit + 200 balls + BBQ or Super Paella*: 44€/person.
Paintball full kit + 500 balls + BBQ or Super Paella *: 56€/person.

* Turn your super menu into an open bar of beer, summer red, soft drinks and water for 1:30 hours for only 7€ more per person.

Combo packs (catering available only on Saturdays and Sundays):
Paintball 200 balls + Karts 1 batch 10': 44€/person.
Paintball 200 balls + Karts 2 batches of 10' each: 55€/person.
Paintball 200 balls + BBQ or Super Paella* + Escape Narcos: 68€/person.
Paintball 200 balls + BBQ or Super Paella * + Karts 1 batch 10': 62€/person.
Paintball 100 balls + BBQ or Super Paella * + Cavernarium: 70€/person.
Paintball 100 balls + BBQ or Super Paella * + Yellow Humor: 72€/person.

* Turn your super menu into an open bar of beer, summer red, soft drinks and water for 1:30 hours for only 7€ more per person.


Surely you have already played paintball but if you have not yet, do not wait any longer and come and enjoy this sport with your friends in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid. Paintball is a sport designed for all ages, it is practiced outdoors and the level of physical demand depends on each player since there are different roles that you can take in paintball games.


It is played with a compressed air marker and some balls of natural paint that mark our clothes when they give us, in this way we will know that we have been reached and we are eliminated. If you have never played, at Ocius Park we teach you how to play paintball for the first time. You will have a monitor that will accompany you during the game, will explain the rules of paintball, how to use the marker, will explain the missions that you must fulfill in the different scenarios and will give you advice. The biggest advantage you have when playing paintball at Ocius Park is that we use the most innovative

What is SOFT PAINTBALL? It is exactly the same as traditional paintball but with many more advantages: the caliber of the ball is smaller, in this way the impact is lower, as well as its weight, we gain in precision, more capacity in the tank and less air refills. You can be playing and shoot up to 800 paintball balls without having to do a single air recharge, this prevents you from being out of combat in the middle of a game.The paintball continues to sting when it hits you outside the protections, but far from like the traditional ball. If you combine all these advantages and our magnificent scenarios, you will have a unique experience playing paintball and returning home without bruises that last you weeks.

Celebrate your birthday with paintball. Perfect for those parties with friends, whether it's a farewell, a birthday or a gathering of friends or family. Paintball is an ideal choice to have a great time in your celebration, you can also check our packs with food to make your round paintball birthday.


You have to arrive 30 min. before the start time. This time is what the monitor assigned to your group needs to organize you, equip you, instruct you in the rules of paintball in terms of safety and go out to play. Once you have everything, the action begins! In each of the scenarios the monitor will assign you a mission, each one will have an objective and instructions that you must abide by. Remember that becoming the immortal is not funny and the only thing you can get is the anger of the opponent and the devirtualization of the game. Do not worry if you are eliminated early, the games do not usually last more than 10 minutes, this way you will not be much without playing. Remember! Take advantage of this time to evaluate the enemy, study their strategies, rest and recover strength to give everything in the next mission.

We can perform BIG-GAMES from 50 players.


So that you know what the rules of paintball are, we discuss them below. Likewise, although it is not the first time you play paintball, the monitor will explain them to you in the preparation time.

The rules are very simple and must be known by all players before starting, as they are mandatory:

- Wear appropriate equipment or clothing. At Ocius Park we will provide you with all the equipment you need to play paintball. It is included in the prices. Underneath you must wear comfortable clothes to play paintball. The marker must wear the safety, point to the ground and the finger off the trigger when we are not playing.
- Keep the safety distance, generally between 8/10 meters. We avoid shooting below this distance, it is verbally eliminated.
- Be of the right age to play and use the adapted equipment in each case. The minimum age for paintball with compressed air is 14 years old.
- Raise your hand or marker when eliminated.
- Do not remove the mask until we are in the safety zone and the monitor or referee allows us to do so. Do not shoot people outside the game or animals.


Clothing and footwear: Comfortable and sporty, which allows you mobility. When the temperature exceeds 20 degrees we do not recommend wearing thick pants, since the heat you pass is worse than the impact of the ball. Remember that we have SOFT PAINTBALL in Madrid.


  • Camouflage jumpsuit.
  • Protective breastplate.
  • Neck protector.
  • Gloves.
  • Integral mask.
  • Soft Paintball Marker.
  • Unlimited air refills if needed.

All the equipment you need to play paintball is provided at no extra cost, it is included in our prices. All the equipment you need to play paintball is provided at no extra cost, it is included in our prices.


The tour of all the scenarios is planned to be done in about 2 hours of activity. The activity is contracted by number of balls so it will depend on the participants. Keep in mind that the group must arrive 30 minutes before the start time contracted for the briefing.



We have two paintball fields in Madrid to play. Our paintball field in Colmenar Viejo, located in a holm oak grove of 45 hectares. The scenarios are delimited and themed. Some of them are "The Normandy Landings", "Space Combat", "The Convoy", "The Castle" or "The Hangman". And our paintball field in Tres Cantos where we have scenarios such as "El Laberinto" and "Las Dos Torres", among others.

Why come and play paintball in our fields in Madrid

Paintball at Ocius Park is a different experience. You will have to fulfill a group mission, based on a series of instructions. In the time that the activity lasts, you must deploy an attack and defense strategy, which will allow you to achieve the objectives. Paintball is an activity that is based on planning and strategy. It is not just about shooting and having more aim than the opponent, what we are looking for is that players enjoy a complete activity, designed for people who are passionate about this type of activities and looking for something different, but it is also suitable for people who start in paintball and want to test their skill.

These scenarios allow different games such as search and elimination, central flag, double base, escort the president, the traitor...


Below we describe our scenarios by field. Paintball in Colmenar Viejo:


Below we describe our scenarios by field. Paintball in Colmenar


You have the protection of Motherships, X-WIN, Imperial Fighters and many metal obstacles where you can hide, do strategy and feel
the adrenaline with each impact rumbling in your ears. You have a double objective: both teams must attack and at the same time defend their motherships. You will need to feel the strength within you to achieve victory.

Difficulty Empire

Empire Precision

Empire Strategy
Difficulty Rebels

Rebel Precision

Rebel Strategy


We have recreated a landing situation that the Allies experienced on
the coast on D-Day. We have landing craft from where the allies will
have to jump and conquer the beach to attack the positions taken by the Germans. Turrets and parapets will help you in the mission.

The objective of the allies is to conquer the trenches of the enemy
positions, located at the top of the hill ... Who will win?

Difficulty Attackers

Accuracy Attackers

Strategy Attackers
Defenders Difficulty

Defenders Accuracy

Strategy Defenders


Realistic situation where there are! A military convoy consisting of 4
vehicles: two willys, a land rover and an ambulance.
The first vehicle stepped on a mine and stopped the convoy. At that
moment, the terrorists attack. The soldiers must repel the attack
and bring the VIP they escort to safety, they must take him to an
extraction position indicated by the air force to remove him from the
combat zone.The only objective of the terrorists is to eliminate the
VIP, it will be useless to eliminate the escort if the VIP manages to
reach the extraction position alive.

Escort Difficulty

Escort Accuracy

Strategy Escort
Terrorist Difficulty

Accuracy Terrorists

Strategy Terrorists


Two teams, a box with secret invasion plans and a zulo. Within the
same play space, aided by vegetation and destroyed vehicles, the
invaders have been forced to hide a box, containing secret plans to
invade a strategic area, when a specialized military unit has been
sent to the area to seize it. This group of specialists only has 10
minutes to recover the box and leave no witnesses...

Difficulty Invaders

Accuracy Invaders

Strategy Invaders
Special Unit Difficulty

Special Unit Accuracy

Special Unit Strategy


Our Western has an American fort at three heights, with towers at 3
meters, walkways, 3 facades to defend, western city with its jail,
hotel, grandmother's house, the railroad, mining and of course the
Indian village with its totems and teepees, many parapets where you
can develop all your strategy to defend or conquer the fort. LONG

Difficulty Attackers

Accuracy Attackers

Strategy Attackers
Defenders Difficulty

Defenders Accuracy

Strategy Defenders



An outcrop of rock hidden in the forest will serve as a fortress,
elevated and very sheltered areas will make this a very easy target
to defend and very complicated to attack.

But there is a surprise! each defender who dies will become a zombie  and will pass to enemy lines.

Difficulty Attackers

Accuracy Attackers

Strategy Attackers
Defenders Difficulty

Defenders Accuracy

Strategy Defenders


A classic in Paintball. Two teams, two bases and a single fixed object
in the eyes of all players: The flag.
The first team that manages to carry the flag to its base wins.

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2


You will fight on equal terms in our thick forest of holm oaks and
junipers. You will have to look for the opposing team and wipe it off
the face of the earth. Sorry, but no prisoners are taken...

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2


If it wasn't hard enough to achieve a goal and come home alive...
Now among our lines there is a traitor. No one knows who he is
except himself. It can be your partner, the one you carry by your
side, who will take advantage of the minimum opportunity he has to
eliminate you vilely from behind.... or not Who knows?! Not only do
you face the other team to achieve the goal, but you must also have
a thousand eyes to discover the infiltrator among you before he
finishes you!

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2


The only game where you create your own scenario. You will have
half of each field, 10 mobile parapets and 2 fixed parapets for each
team. In the center of the stage a gallows. If you want to know more
you will have to come and discover it...

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2

Aquí veréis qué campos tenemos en nuestro paintball de Tres Cantos:


More than 1,000 meters of trenches dug into the earth, creating a
labyrinth, where in every corner you can find death. The team that is
able to keep the maximum of its members alive in a limited time

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2


Each team has its fortress with its central tower dominating the
space, the mission is to take a bomb to the opposite tower to destroy
the enemy tower, that you do not drop the bomb or you can
immolate yourself.

Difficulty Team 1

Accuracy Team 1

Strategy Team 1
Difficulty Team 2

Accuracy Team 2

Strategy Team 2


For many people, Ocius Park is simply the best paintball in Madrid.
Playing paintball is always a lot of fun, but if the main activity,
shooting paint bullets, we add a particular scenario, missions and
objectives, we turn the activity into a unique strategy game in the

Our paintball with barbecue allows you to enjoy your favorite
activity throughout the day.

If you are looking for a family paintball with complementary
activities we have a complete adventure program for adults and
children, but we have also created a paintball space for fans of this
sport. Our paintball offers in Madrid allow you to live a unique

We continue working every day to improve our leisure activities in
the Sierra de Guadarrama. In the case of paintball, we add new
missions and objectives so that every time you come to visit us you
can enjoy a different activity.
There are many people in Madrid who enjoy playing paintball
regularly, many of them usually visit us to know our news.
If you like paintball and still do not know us, come to Ocius Park and
do not miss the best paintball field in Madrid.


Paintball for bachelorette and bachelorette parties in Madrid is
fashionable. It is a very fun activity, both for people who practice it
regularly and for people who, for the first time, approach this

activity. A bachelorette or bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to
shoot paint for the first time. You will discover that paintball is a
game in which the most important thing is to draw a strategy,
although the aim also counts. In Ocius Park we offer you the perfect
environment to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party, in a
natural enclave full of activities with which you will enjoy your


To play Paintball we need to have natural light during all the
contracted time of play. For the menu it is not necessary since we
have a fully equipped restaurant area.
During the winter there are fewer times available in the afternoon
for the activity, than in spring and summer:
Morning shifts (winter/summer): 11:00, 13:00.
Afternoon shifts (spring/summer): 17:00, 18:00 (Friday), 19:00.
Afternoon shifts (winter): 16:00.

Other shifts, ask us.

Cheap paintball in Madrid

Not only do we offer you a different paintball activity, we also assure
you the best price in the Community of Madrid.
All our paintball activities include the complete material and
equipment and a minimum of 100 balls, from this option you can
choose packs with more balls and add barbecue, paella and refills
whenever you need it. We maintain our prices season after season
so you can continue enjoying the best paintball field in Madrid at the
best price.

You can combine Paintball with other activities as well as with our menus:

  • Paintball
  • Airsoft
  • Láser Combat
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Yellow Humor
  • Survival
  • Excalibur Adventure
  • The Hunger Games
  • Narcos Escape
  • Gymkana GPS
  • Motor

In our bar with cafeteria you can have a drink and enjoy the totally natural environment of the mountains of Madrid sitting in our terrace areas or in the heated indoor lounge. In winter or days that the weather requires it, the menus will be served in the indoor lounge where we have a fireplace and pellet stoves. In spring and summer the menu will be served in the covered terrace area.
Note: It is very important to inform us if any of the guests has any food allergy.


Our entire playing field is outdoors, to enjoy a totally natural
If the forecasts indicate heavy rain, you can request to modify the
date of the Paintball activity by notifying at least 48 hours in
advance. It is the client who would choose the day according to their
needs and always subject to availability. You have a period of 90
days for the change of date. If you need to change the date again,

the 90-day period will always count from the date of the first




Un monitor profesional estará siempre con vosotros.


Nos tomamos la seguridad muy en serio en todas las actividades.


+450.000 m2 en los que disfrutar de tu actividad favorita.


Actividades diseñadas para vivir una aventura inolvidable.

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Nacimos en el 2006 y desde entonces no hemos parado de crecer y ofrecer nuevas experiencias a nuestros usuarios. Somos uno de los mejores centros de ocio de Madrid y hemos adaptado nuestra cartera de actividades a todos los públicos.


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